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Death of the Boxy Suit

Moving from the UK to Canada and then from Canada to the US, people always ask me what the biggest differences are. Loving suits and everything related to them as I do, that’s always the first thing that comes to mind. We Brit’s certainly like to wear a trimmer cut than our North American counterparts, but it’s really not the consumer that’s determining the trend; we buy what we see most often. Even the cheapest suits in the UK are trim, so it’s not hard to look half-decent for not so much. From what I’ve seen so far in North America, you really do have to spend a good amount to get hold of a slimmer garment, as the typical chain-store bought suit is definitely built for comfort.

That said, it’s great to see the style evolving, with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers embracing a trimmer, more flattering silhouette. Even your favorite ‘ballers are getting in on the act (finally!), check out the then and now above…how things have changed in only 5 years!

Image: NBA ‘Ballers Then & Now
Credit: Getty Images
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